Workforce Development

Partnering with our K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions and training programs, Sumter County offers ample workforce training and development options to meet the needs of your business. Whether it is the K-12 systems initiating a pipeline of students and future workforce or post-secondary education resources for targeted training, job fairs and pre-employment screenings, there are options to meet all demands.  See below for partners, programs and workforce data.

Staying in tune with business and industry workforce needs, the community partners to ensure an ongoing pipeline of talent is continuously trained and readily available to ensure industry stability and growth.

K-12 Institutions Initiating a Workforce Pipeline

Post-Secondary Institutions Providing Higher Education Training

Georgia’s Internationally Acclaimed Workforce Development Program

Workforce and Labor Pools

Sumter County maintains a labor force of 12,000+ in the community, and over 300,000 within commuting distance.  With industrial manufacturing leading the workforce, a wide array of sectors can be found in Sumter County.  From mining to moldings and millworks, plastic and metal fabrication to contact centers and more, a wide array of sectors are represented in the community.  Agriculture continues to thrive and serve as the leading local economic impactor, with dairy, cotton, peanuts and fruits and vegetables leading the way.  Average wage rates create an opportunity for citizens to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and for business and industry to find the workforce to meet demands.

The Sumter County Area Profile as provided by the Georgia Department of Labor provides a snapshot of the labor pool.

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Sumter County supports a labor pool of over 12,000 citizens to meet the needs of business and industry.  Additionally, there is a labor pool of over 300,000 within an hour’s drive of the community.

Sumter County Labor Wages (2020)

Average Weekly Wages – All Industries $804

Average Annual Wages – All Industries  $44,200

Source: HUD/GDOL