Sites & Buildings

The Sumter County Development Authority maintains an assortment of manufacturing and warehousing facilities, as well as a contact center and industrial tracts to meet new and expanding development needs.  Both short and long term leases, as well as purchase option are available.  Please inquire for additional information.

Ted Baldwin Business and Technology Park

The Ted Baldwin Business and Technology Park offers over 230 acres of land for development.  Maintained by the Sumter County Development Authority, the Park includes a spec building, contact center, and two manufacturing facilities.  The Authority offers short and long-term leases of property, focusing on job production for Sumter County.    Water, sewer and natural gas services are provided by the City of Americus, and power is supplied by Georgia Power Company.  The Park includes an ISO fire rating of 2, with services provided by the City of Americus.

Speculative Building

Located in the Ted Baldwin Business and Technology Park, this 64,000 square foot spec building is designed to adapt to the use of the tenant.  A steel frame facility with 20 foot walls and 5 loading docks, it is situated so that the building can easily be expanded for future growth.  The Development Authority will partner with a business to finish out the facility as needed to create a positive work environment.

Contact Center

Located in the Ted Baldwin Business and Technology Park, this 40,000 square foot contact center is designed for both single and multi-tenant uses.  A steel frame facility with 18 foot walls, it is constructed with top of the line technology including a climate and security controlled server room, as well as generator capacity to handle all backup demands.  Current cubicle capacity of up to 400 agent seats, with the ability to configure the space for additional seats as needed.  Varying levels of compliance standards are available, including Payment Card Industry standards.   A secured entry area, training rooms, conference rooms, private office and storage capacity provide for a flexible environment.

Privately Held Community Property

The Americus Board of Realtors maintains a current listing of privately held property, which can be found at  We encourage you to browse selections and contact the Development Authority should you need assistance with any property in Sumter County.

GIS Mapping Databases and Services

The City of Americus and Sumter County provide an extensive mapping database, with over 40 map layers available.  Ranging from basic information such as water and sewer lines, zoning, and tax parcel data, to more extensive information such as building footprints, and terrain, our GIS department can assist with map creation as needed.

Please visit the GIS website at

77-Acre Industrial Park Site

Newly developed land, up to 77 acres, is now available for your next industrial site development.  With access to water, sewer, and gas through the City of Americus, and perimeter roadways installed, the acreage has all necessary utilities to meet industry needs.  Additionally, the site is certified as “Fiber Ready” by AT&T and GIG Certified by the Rural Broadband Association in partnership with Pineland Telecommunications.


Water & Sewer

Ch2MHill manages the Water and Sewer Plants privately for the City of Americus. Ch2MHill is responsible for the treatment and distribution of water and sewer processing for the residents.  This includes the operation of a 7 million gallon per day Water Plant and a 4.4 million gallon per day Sewage Treatment Facility. The average daily consumption for city residents is 2.5 million gallons of water. The average daily treatment of sewer for city residents is 2.3 million gallons.  With significant capacity for future growth needs, Ch2MHill is ready to meet your needs with the City of Americus water and sewer facilities.

Natural Gas

The City of Americus owns and operates its own natural gas distribution system, providing services for all commercial and industrial residents of the City.  With two pressure systems to serve customers, one system is at 20# for residential customers and small businesses, and the second system is at 150# for large commercial and industrial customers.  Additional, the Department to meet requirements of interruptible customers as needed.  Over 103 miles of main lines comprise the system, with 2,672 MCF per day dedicated for customers, and this load can be expanded as needed.   A member of the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia, the City of Americus Natural Gas Department is ready to meet your needs.


Multiple providers, including Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Georgia Public Webb, AT&T, Mediacom, and Citizens Telephone Services supply high speed broadband capabilities to Sumter County.  Each will develop a network to meet needs of individual users.

See the interactive Georgia Broadband Map to consider providers and speed capacities:

Electric Power

The Georgia Power Company and Sumter EMC provide all electrical services in Sumter County.  Both offer rebates and incentives to customers, and will gladly assist you in determining the best option for your business.


Located in Southwest Georgia, Sumter County is advantageously situated near multiple transportation options, including road, rail and air.  US Highway 19 and GA State Highway 280 both run through the heart of the community, easily aiding north, south, east and west product movement.  US Interstate 75 is approximately 25 miles to the east and US Interstate 185 is 47 miles to the northwest.

Locally, the Jimmy Carter Regional Airport provides general aviation services and is equipped with a 6,000+ foot runway.  Commercial air service is provided by the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport conveniently located in Albany, Georgia.

Sumter County is served by the Heart of Georgia short line rail service, and Norfolk Southern Rail Company.  Both are available along various industrial tracts, providing optimal transporting services of both raw and finished products.

See attached map showing the rail tracks in Sumter County.