Sumter Development Authority Chairman Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

At a recent One Sumter Foundation Donor Breakfast, Sumter Development Authority Chairman Paul Hall was honored with a Lifetime Award for outstanding contributions to the community. The event was attended by a large group of friends and donors, who came together to celebrate the achievements of the One Sumter Foundation and its various projects.

During breakfast, attendees were updated on the progress of past and future One Sumter projects, including the Broadband Project, Ignite College and Career Academy, The Reformation Project, and Pearly Brown Music Park. These initiatives have had a significant impact on the community, and their continued success is crucial to Sumter's growth and development.

In addition to Paul Hall, several other community members were recognized for their exceptional service. Police Chief Mark Scott, Sheriff Eric Bryant, and Sumter EMC were all given Rockstar awards for their community contributions. These individuals have worked tirelessly to make Sumter a better place to live and work, and their dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed.