Sumter Authority Hosts Inaugural Burgers & Business Industry, Manufacturing Networking Event

Yesterday, Sumter Authority board members and staff hosted their inaugural networking event, Burgers & Business.

Development Authority director, Rusty Warner, gave opening remarks thanking nearly 115 attendees for their genuine support. “By us working with each other—this keeps my incoming businesses interested and inspired. They want to be a part of what we have!”

The event was held in honor of industrial and manufacturing business owners and managers. Many were recognized with a show of hands. “This way,” said Warner, “others can approach you for an introduction.” Some company leaders flew in to represent their company and meet Sumter representatives.

Three cities, Sumter County government, and education leaders were present to network and show support. They also were recognized.

All Authority leaders and staff were then acknowledged, followed by a few words and a big thank you from Authority chairman Paul Hall.

The introductions ended with an invocation by Chief Scott of the Americus Police Department, followed by food, strong networking, and business card distribution.