Sumter County Development Authority Launches Online Commercial Data Portal to Attract Investment

Commercial site selectors, community stakeholders, investors and real estate professionals...

The Sumter County Development Authority has launched a new portal under its Sites & Buildings section of the website.

Commercial site selectors, community stakeholders, investors, and real estate professionals looking to find sites for their potential move to Sumter County will find a collective inventory of available buildings and project choices to pique interest.

The new ‘page’ combines powerful, interactive, and mobile-friendly data tools to allow decision-makers the ability to analyze and map demographics, labor, and industry data. The intuitive tools make it easy to share and export results to clients and corporate heads.

Rusty Warner, Economic Director for the Sumter County Development Authority, said, “This software should no-doubt help businesses choose our community, and it will make it even easier for investors to consider different locations within the county. The site can propel a business by giving them access to relevant data to make an informed choice, with a complete and thorough overview of economic and demographic data. We are a competitive community, and this page helps us showcase our assets. The ability for us to paint a big picture of our county is crucial in our attraction efforts.”

The innovative tool allows prospects the freedom to not only check available commercial properties but also receive insight into our workforce and demographics. Interested investors or businesses can easily access the interactive map and get customized data reports with only a few clicks and free of charge.

Business prospects can choose specific information as it relates to their project: • Commercial sites • Rail, airports, ports proximity, highways • Broadband • Educational facilities • Incentive opportunities • National parks, etc.

“We are happily working in partnership with the Americus Board of Realtors on commercial property input,” said Warner. “This allows us to keep our information fresh. Our office can add other properties listed for sale by owner.”

For more information, please contact: Rusty Warner:

If you have a commercial property and would like it to be added to the site, let us know!

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